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We always hear stats about the percentage of people affected by mental health problems. I personally think they are nonsense! I think everyone is affected in some way. Worry, stress, anxiety, mood changes, poor sleep - we've all been there at some point.

Just like DrEd, many companies are trying to harness the power of tech, to help you look after your own health in a way that suits you, and more and more companies are targeting mental health issues. I've picked 5 of the most popular.

Please note, these were chosen due my own experience, or that of friends, or just because I have read great …

Keep healthy on the go with a Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender! With the cold winter months just around the corner, there's no better time than now to make sure we're getting our 5-a-day. This September, we're giving our social media fans a chance to win a brand new smoothie maker to help get you on your way to 5 a day!

Women's Health Twitter Feeds Image

Finding relevant information on social media platforms like twitter can be a bit of a challenge. We at DrEd.com have searched through numerous twitter profiles to find the best twitter feeds about women’s health, the latest information and research - so you won’t have to. Here comes a list of our favourites!

Valentines day aphrodisiac foods

Long before anyone ever thought of Viagra, people were already experimenting with aphodisiac foods. Many countries, it seems, have developed their own beliefs surrounding food and sex. What better time to think about aphrodisiacs than Valentine's day? Find out what the Aztecs used to spice things up and learn about the strangest culinary customs around the world - just so you’re prepared for your next trip!

Sexual health is not a particularly trendy or popular subject - but it affects all of us. Numerous organisations are working hard to change antiquated attitudes about sex and sexual health. Why not follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest research, policies and campaigns? Whether you want to learn more about current affairs or make sure you know about sexual health services in your area, a few of our Top 10 Sexual Health Twitter Feeds will be interesting for you

Margater Sanger campaigned for contraception

The pill is one of the most popular contraceptives and is used by women all over the world. Its invention caused radical social change, transformed relationships, the traditional family and women’s role in society. Today, taking the pill is regarded as an ordinary means of preventing pregnancy. When it was first developed, however, the pill and indeed the very idea of contraception were hotly debated. Our timeline tells the story of the contraceptive pill, from the idea to its common use today.

Britons consume on average 168 teaspoonfuls of sugar every week. With sugar-related health risks like diabetes and heart problems on the rise, it’s time to reduce our sugar intake. While it’s easy to cut down on eating chocolate bars and muffins, it is much harder to avoid sugar hidden in soft drinks and supposedly healthy smoothies. DrEd investigated some of Britain’s favourite beverages - with shocking results. Surprisingly, your lunchtime juice may contain as much sugar as your afternoon cookie (or even more). Our infographic exposes the worst drinks - look up you preferred drink and …

the human brain

We tend to think of ourselves as creatures with consciousness and control over our actions. Most of our body functions, however, take place without us controlling or even noticing them. Scientists and clinicians are now exploring ways of gaining awareness of and control over these otherwise involuntary body functions, a strategy known as “biofeedback”.

30 seconds in the body

The human body never rests completely - we are constantly performing numerous involuntary body functions. DrEd presents the top 8 facts about what happens in your body within the next 30 seconds, on our new infographic:

testosterone illustration

Do you suffer from a lack of energy? Are you grumpy? Then the makers of testosterone replacement products like Androgel might be quick to diagnose you with “low T”. Aimed at middle-aged and older men, their products promise to cure testosterone deficiency and have a rejuvenating effect. Medical professionals and doctors are less enthusiastic and observe this new trend in men’s health with growing concern.

DrEd has been highlighted as a leading provider of healthcare across the UK and Europe by being awarded 2nd Place at the 2013 Johnson & Johnson Digital Health Masterclass.

Johnson and Johnson, one of the largest and most successful pharmaceutical organisations, led the event and were supported by over 10 partners including Health 2.0 and the European Connected Health Alliance. 

The event focused on the promotion of innovative digital health organisations like DrEd. Improving access to healthcare for patients means embracing new approaches and solutions: at DrEd we achieve that by giving …

young people using drugs

How do people experience different drugs? Which drugs are popular and enjoyed the most? How does drug policy affect user behaviour? The global drug survey 2014 sets out to find answers to these questions. Instead of analysing the societal impact of addiction and drug-related illness in the usual research settings of hospitals and social services, the online survey is open to anyone who does or does not take recreational drugs - be it alcohol, tobacco or heroin. Aiming to learn more about the "real life side of drugs", the survey seeks to gather personal experiences of different users with a …

Scientist researching a cure for HIV

A cure for HIV - few inventions are as eagerly awaited. With over 35 million people infected worldwide, HIV remains one of the biggest medical challenges of our time. HIV is still an epidemic, with an estimated 2.3 million people being newly infected in 2012 alone. There are, however, reasons to be optimistic: Scientists have found new ways to treat, and potentially cure HIV.

mother breastfeeding her baby

The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous and clinically proven. There is a general consensus among pediatricians on breastfeeding being preferable to feeding your newborn artificial milk. A controversial new pilot scheme offers mothers £200 in shopping vouchers in return for 6 months of breastfeeding – a bold step towards healthier children or a waste of money?

Woman holding orange

We can all think of examples of how we feel affects what we eat. While some people feel a stronger craving for chocolate when they're having a bad day, others might grab an extra pint of beer or a pack of crisps. Whether this mechanism also works the other way around and the food we eat affects us emotionally, is far less obvious. When researching the impact our diet has on our emotions, scientists discovered some surprising facts about food - which can help us all stay healthy and happy during those dark winter months.

That vitamin C is essential to our survival has been known for a long time. However, the amount we should consume on a daily basis remains a controversial topic. Vitamin C supplements are advertised as natural anti-ageing medication, which will also allow you to live longer – just how much of it is true?

Pile of pumpkins

Pumpkins have been cultivated for several millennia, yet only few of us regularly include the pumpkin’s seeds and flesh in our diets. Especially patients with high cholesterol can benefit from using pumpkin seeds and oil for cooking. Time to take another look at this remarkable vegetable and its merits!

Thinking about quitting? See our Stoptober infographic for more information on the best methods for giving up smoking.

The 6th of November 2013 is national stress awareness day - time to consider the impact stress has on our lives. As a nation, it seems we're about to crack. Stress-related hospital emergencies went up a whopping 7% this year. 428,000 cases of stress interrupted the work day. Pilots, PR Execs and healthcare professionals topped the list of most frazzled - where are you?

If you are feeling particularly tense today, forget the bubble baths, and roll up the yoga mats, because new research suggests there's nothing better than a bit of good, old-fashioned sexual healing for relieving unwanted …

The University of Nottingham has taken top billing in the first UK University Sexual Health Report Card. Nottingham reached the top for its ease of access to sexual health facilities, website information, HIV & STI testing, and contraception availability.

Three universities achieved a 'first' for their sexual health facilities; Nottingham, Kings College London & Bristol.

Anatole Menon-Johansson, Clinical Director at Brook, The Young People's Sexual Health Charity said "I think developing a comprehensive scorecard will be a useful way to improve quality in sexual & reproductive health services …

The DrEd Sexual Health Report Card is an analysis of a selection of the top UK universities sexual health facilities. We thought that this in-depth analysis, coupled with friendly competition in the form of a report card was an excellent way to draw attention to sexual health services in UK universities, and to act as a focal point for improvement of services.

When you feel a cold coming on, it can be tempting to search for quick-fixes. But having your doctor prescribe you antibiotics won't make you feel any better. In fact, it could make things much worse. Dr Sebastian Winckler gives his advice on antibiotic use.

Sperm counts have been declining year on year since the 1930s. 4 in 10 men now have impaired fertility and 40% of all conception problems are down to defective sperm. Here are 10 simple measures that can give your sperm a boost.

With initiatives like World Aids Day and HIV testing week, NGO's and healthcare organisations are doing a great job at raising awareness of HIV. But if we're going to 'Get To Zero' by 2015, there is still so much more to do. You can do your bit by ordering a HIV test kit and finding out your HIV status.

Whether you think you might have contracted HIV, or just want to rule it out completely, there are a number of different tests out there that can hopefully put your mind at ease.

All tests have different window periods, (that’s the length of time HIV needs to be in your body for, before it will start to show up on a test), so it’s important you find the one that’s right for you:

If you've put yourself at risk within the last week, you'll need a test with a smaller window period. But if your risk was 6 months ago or more, it doesn't really matter so much. DrEd offers a HIV test kit with …

Rubber, johnny, hazmat suit, whatever term you use, you can't deny that there are plenty of names for the 'condom.' But English isn't the only language with a penchant for amusing prophylactic slang.

Here are some of our favourites from around the globe:

It seems us Brits have washed our hands of, well, washing our hands. Just 50% of us are regularly washing after using the lavatory. Poor hand hygiene is responsible for some truly shocking statistics (fecal matter now exists on 1 in 4 British hands). But if you really want to minimise the spread of germs, you may want to consider these dirty habits, which could also be making you sick.

Last week, news broke of international raids on illicit companies selling millions of pounds worth of fake and unlicensed drugs online. Operation Pangea, resulted in 79 arrests and almost 18,000 bogus websites -stocking all manner of prescription pills, from fake Viagra, AIDS and cancer medications to antidepressants - shut down.

In light of this news, we thought it would be useful to layout some guidelines that help you distinguish a genuine internet pharmacy from their crooked counterparts.

Your body goes through amazing changes just 20 minutes after you finish smoking. Here are the benefits of quitting and a timeline of exactly what happens to your body once you quit.

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